Police flout 800 orders in six months


Rozina Islam | Nov 23, 2014

Over the past six months in Dhaka city alone, over 800 orders of the police commissioner have been flouted. Some officers have been given written order three to four times, but to no avail. An intelligence agency has submitted a report on this alarming propensity within the police force to ignore orders. It has recommended that speedy action be taken to resolve this state of affairs.

According to this intelligence report given to the home ministry, the police headquarters and the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) headquarters provided a seven-point directive in this regard, but it has not yielded any results.

Senior secretary of the home ministry Mozammel Huq Khan yesterday told Prothom Alo that they have taken this report extremely seriously. He said action will be taken against those disrupting order within the police force.

The report said that certain members of the police would stay in one place of the city for a long. They would earn huge amounts of money through unlawful means. They would also pay big bribes to remain in the posts of their choice. There were also police with party bias and those from a particular district who misused their power, but enjoyed political protection. The people did not receive due services from them. In many cases, those of the BNP-Jamaat ilk were even availing special facilities by using the name of that particular district.

The police viewed RAB as a rival and so this created a psychological conflict between the two. The police are always elated when the image of RAB is tarnished.

Masudur Rahman, deputy commissioner of DMP public relations department, said that they were not aware of any such report.

The report stated that over 500 complaints remained lying month after month in files at the office of the deputy commissioner of police in eight crime zones of the city. The deputy commissioners took no action. There were over 50 investigation reports with recommendations from assistant police commissioners and additional deputy commissioners for action against accused members of the police, but these reports never saw the light of day. The partisan police take advantage of preoccupation in political unrest, strikes and blockade programmes and remain unpunished. That is why the violation of service rules continued unabated.

Examples: Intelligence reports reveal that the DMP headquarters had to issue five orders regarding the transfer of a sub-inspector (SI) from Gulshan police station. SI Borhan Rana of Gulshan police station received orders in the first week of June for transfer to Banani police station. Instead of joining the new post, he tried to gain the post of crime officer. This was not possible so within two days he reversed his transfer orders and arranged for new orders keeping him attached to the Gulshan police station. Within 24 days he managed to remove the operation officer of Bhatara police station and have an order issued for his own transfer there.

Borhan has admitted to his repeated transfers. In another such example, Gulshan zone reserve officer SI Nurul Huda was transferred to the police special branch. He had the transfer orders cancelled and remained in his original post. The authorities issued another order for his transfer to the Rajshahi range, but Nurul Huda had this order cancelled too. He ensured a posting of his choice in Dhaka range. The authorities had issued at least three orders for his transfer.

SI Nurul Huda has said that it is true that he had made requests to stay in Dhaka because his wife was a teacher in the city.

Transfers orders of SI Zulfiqar of the Banani police station remained ignored for nine months until he finally managed a positing of his own choice. Similarly, over 200 police officers have paid no heed to office orders and remain in postings of their own choice.

There are even instances of orders being issued in the morning and changed within the afternoon of the same day. Gulshan police station’s SI Shahid was transferred and joined the Gulshan outpost in the morning. By the afternoon the orders were reversed and he was back at the Gulshan police station the very same day.

The intelligence report stated that orders are not violated in the capital city alone, but all over the country. There are over two dozen complaints against SI Nazrul Islam, the operation officer of Debidar police station in Comilla. Three serious allegations were proven against him and there were recommendations for departmental action. Over one year has passed, but no action has been taken against him.

According to the report, a particular batch of police officers is alleged to violate orders the most. They unlawfully avail various benefits and facilities, harass the people, take bribes, indulge in corruption, flout the service rules and destroy the reputation of the police force.