I will return soon: Latif

Rozina Islam | Oct 12, 2014

Abdul Latif Siddique, the minister embroiled in controversy over his remarks concerning Hajj, is returning home shortly. Speaking to Prothom Alo over phone yesterday, Saturday, he said that he would be returning to the country within two or three days’ time.

He said that he was still a minister, adding, “I haven’t been told anything as yet. I am still a member of the cabinet as far as I know.”

When asked again if he would actually be returning to the country, he replied, “Why won’t I return? Did I murder anyone that I will stay in hiding? I am coming back. I am in Heathrow Airport at the moment.”

Commenting on media reports that he wouldn’t be returning, he said, “Where will I go, leaving my home, my people? I am coming back to Dhaka within a couple of days.”

He said, “I am fine, I am well, I am alive.”

Latif Siddique went on to say, “My prime minister appointed me as a minister. She appointed me and if she wants to drop me, she can. She is my prime minister. It is up to her. There is nothing to get so agitated about. I have accepted her as my leader and will continue to do so. Everyone else seems more concerned than I am.”

As to whether he will resign or not, he replied, “I will do as my leader instructs. I will never speak against my leader or my party.”

Asked about the widespread reaction in the country to his controversial remarks about Hajj, he said, “I cannot say anything about this without my leaders instructions. The comments that I made in the US have been misinterpreted. I cannot say anything further.”