Legal action being taken against Latif Siddique

Rozina Islam | Oct 05, 2014
A decision has been taken for legal action against Latif Siddique for irregularities he carried out as minister for jute and textiles. Action will also be taken against officials within the ministry who knowingly aided him in carrying out these unethical decisions.The ministry has drawn up a report concerning those who were involved along with the minister in handing over or selling government property. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is scheduled to attend office at the jute and textiles ministry on 12 October. Officials of the ministry expect she will take these decisions on that day. The secretary and others of the ministry even worked over the weekend, making preparations in this regard.

The ministry’s secretary yesterday contacted Saber Hossain Chowdhury, chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on jute and textiles. The chairman has also been instructed to take action in keeping with the report of the prime minister’s office.

The ministry has begun the process of retrieving 30 industrial units which had been handed over. Work is also under process on the retrieval of 16 other units and the leases are being cancelled.

The ministry for post, telecommunications and ICT will also approach the prime minister’s office for help in investigating the minister’s various irregularities.

According to the report of the prime minister’s office, the minister had directly resorted to irregularities in the case of over half the 48 industrial units in the jute and textile sector which had been handed over or sold to the private sector. The law ministry was approached yesterday for suggestions on possible action against the minister.

Fani Bhushan Chowdhury, secretary for jute and textiles, has told Prothom Alo that action will be taken against the persons involved in the irregularities mentioned in the report of the prime minister’s office.

The secretary said that all property that had been illegally handed over, will now be recovered. He cited the example of that the government had begun the process of taking back the 11 katha 13 chhattak plot of land in Motijheel which Latif Siddique had leased out for 99 years to the Chittagong Association.