Is govt backtracking from Jamaat’s trial?


Rozina Islam and Kuntal Roy |May 30, 2014

It is not possible for now to conduct prosecution and trials under International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) laws against Jamaat-e-Islam as a criminal organisation during the Liberation War.
Law minister Anisul Haque said this to Prothom Alo on Thursday mentioning three reasons.
The three causes are; firstly, according to International Crimes Law 1973 there is no punishment provided for organisations.
Secondly, there is already a case pending in the appellate division on Jamaat’s registration. It has to be seen whether any further allegations under the tribunal law affects the case or not. The law ministry said, ” I think it will affect the case.”
Thirdly, other laws said if any organisation, institution or company did anything wrong, then the senior officials or director of that organisation will be liable for that and the accused officials must be punished.
The Jamaat leaders, who were involved in crime against humanity during the Liberation War, were brought to the justice.
So, it has to be considered that a second time punishment may be conflicting with the first one, he said.